3. No Shame, Welcome to the Dope Game

In this episode Trap Girl still resides in Cleveland County Daycare Center, is waiting to pull chain and continues interacting with the residents therein. You can tell she is still in full tilt gangster mode, has little regard for those residents she feels are not gangster enough and tries to teach them to be better in the game. I can assure you, she has made great progress in the opposite direction.
I have spoken with her, gotten permission to publish her raps and created a page called Nina Miller’s Raps. Simply click on the 3 bar icon at the top left to take you to the menu. Enjoy. I find them eye opening. In case you are curious, she has referred to me as Wonder Woman since she was quite young. I am pleased as well as amused.
FYI: pulling chain refers to chain gangs and is when the women are handcuffed together and taken to prison; a pod is a group of cells in a jail or prison; Rover is a guard; CDS is controlled dangerous substance; 4/20 is April 20 – a date which is infamous for many things – pot smoking for one, Hitler’s birthday for another, Google it if you want more.


Hey they, It’s June & I hope you get to hit a work center soon! Do you know if they will forward your letter if /when you do?

Meanwhile … in the adventures of Trap Girl, a Citizen of Cleveland County Day Care named Kit Kat was ready to be released the next day & had told Trap Girl, “I got this. I’ve been in the game 13 years.” Well little did Kit Kat know that when she called her best friend she found out her husband was banging her & WHAM! started balling like a cry baby ass bitch. To which Trap Girl sang to the whole pod, “No Shame, Welcome to the Dope Game” …which was met w/ cheer & joy amongst the other citizens of Cleveland County Day Care & high fives were had through out the pod!

Her pod looks a lot like the one in the place you came from except the doors remain locked & you can only go in & out to grab things from the cell when Rovers come in for sight check b/c girls were beating bitches asses, ya know, girl stuff. 😉 Oh I wasn’t sure if I told you this but I had gotten a letter from some douche bag named Trevor Smith saying you gave him my address but I know how that shit works when you’re locked up, so plz just rip up my mom’s address when you get my letters. I know Trevor’s brother cuz he’s friends w/ my homey & we had a laugh reading that shit aloud.

Oh, rumor in the Ville is that Bob was infiltrated by pink farm animals w/ corkscrew tails shortly after Trap Girl went to lay low in the boondocks, also the female who used to go to Melmart that hung out w/ twin brothers that were crankster gangsters had the same demise & Ward was there & got CDS in a penal institution. The common denominator old dude that dry squealed on Trap Girl & that Cherry Chuck. I will refer to those 2 as Blueberries & Cherrys, cuz it’s funny & I’ve literally got too much time on my hands.

I wrote my brother & his parole is even sooner than Jan 2017 & he and my mom both think he will get out a few months before Trap Girl does & she is set for 04/20/2017. Yeah, Trap Girl’s parole date is 4/20 – real shit nigger!

Hit me up & write a line,



2. Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Trap Girl remains in Cleveland County Daycare Center, surrounded by an assortment of interesting characters and continues writing to John. In this episode there are two letters to her friend and she is getting accustomed to her environment.

FYI: Tricking something off is to trade it (sorta); The yard is the prison yard; pulling chain is when the women are handcuffed together and taken to prison; DOC is Dept of Corrections; a RIT is a temporary stay from a prison to a County Facility to clear up a ticket or some other charge; MBARC is Mabel Basset where the women are assessed and also a prison.


What’s up Homey! She’s glad she got a letter from you & she wished that she could have read it, but when her mom started reading it to her on the phone it said things her mom didn’t know what they said. It was somewhat funny actually but anyway … she is trying to get into a rehab at the moment so she can get the fuck out of here cuz it’s not Washington County! It’s not Oklahoma County either, really it’s the worst of both worlds! Imagine a facility where everything is clean & new like Washington County, w/ food (trays) like OK County, & commissary like David L. Moss. Dismiss me w/ that bullshit! Coffee is the strongest substance behind facility walls & it’s shitty.

So … she thinks it’s crazy if you end up knowing Melanie’s old man cuz Mel’s been trying to get at him for a minute & happy endings are good in massage & life. Hopefully you realize that this girl hasn’t forgotten about you & didn’t give you the wrong phone # but has been in jail since Feb, & before that laying low in the country w/ no phone service cuz she was in the mother fucking sticks!!

“Not All Who Wander Are Lost”  <–  This girl wrote that for DOJA on behalf of Melanie & that was this girls homegirl that writes on everything, but her nickname is “Sexy” so she will let that sexy girl write on anything she wants. Sexy tricked off her double-sided water panties to this girl (swim suit bottoms). So named cuz they get wet on both sides (damn, this girl is witty!) & they’re super cute! & have skulls on them. She also has purple & black hair braided up the sides into a mohawk while she’s in here, cuz as the black chick that does this girl’s hair says, “There ain’t nothin’ else to do!” When she gets back out, she will dye it back blonde & grow it out though. Also, she has some homegirls going to the yard that are looking for pen pals so maybe we can see what’s up on some writing buddys if that is beneficial to you in any way, otherwise don’t fuck with it cuz she is just helping niggas out not gaining shit from it. She gets frustrated in here so she does shit altruistically.



I just talked to my mom & she told me my letters just got returned b/c there was no DOC#. I just thought you stopped writing when you found out Trap Girl is in jail waiting on prison. She is still waiting @ CCDC to pull chain, they pulled last on May 8th & didn’t take her cuz she didn’t sign until April 28th & I guess her paperwork didn’t get in on time. Apparently CCDC pulls every 7 weeks so she will probably be here until July, grrr!

Trap Girl got moved from V-Pod to F-Pod, which is a DOC pod & its a good thing cuz there were 24 girls on V-Pod & 1/2 of them were crying b/c they got $1000 bonds ($150) & she was about to flip the fuck out! In the DOC pod shit is way more chill although she is finding out that she’s a bit aggressive & this epiphany came in jail (that’s sad when you’re too aggressive for jail). But there’s a girl here on a RIT from Eddie Warrior’s (where Trap Girl is gonna be) that told Trap Girl there’s quite a few homegirls there & it will be more like a reunion than anything else. She said her one year review is set for 4-20-17 (real shit nigga) or completion of RTP so she somewhat got fucked in the doing time game b/c if she could have just signed for 5 yrs she would be out by the time she hit MBARC, but they did dismiss her felony & misdemeanor charges upon completion & dismissed some of them all together. And she won’t be a felon when she gets out of prison & will continue to not be a felon if she completes 4 years of parole. She’s not 100% on how & if she can do paper time & if she can’t finish all her time by or around her year review she will stay locked up until 5 years of completion.

Anyway, I hope to hear from you soon. You said that you would be out June or July, hopefully you see that I wrote you & that I didn’t waive my loyalty. I’m bout it, speak to you in the future.




1. Go Hard Into the MF Paint


The Adventures of Trap Girl started as letters to a friend in prison whom she wanted to stay in contact with, she wrote in the third person. I found these letters difficult to read but also informative, and comforting because I saw compassion from someone I feared was becoming incapable of caring for humanity. I will not include all of the letters, I’ve edited some parts and I have changed names. This isn’t the best episode, but like I said – we start at the beginning.

 FYI: CCDC is Cleveland County Jail; SEG is solitary confinement – it’s not good; LOP is Lack of Potential; beanhole is the door where the foodtrays come through. If you are confused about any of the rest I will do my best to clear it up if you ask, and if I have a clue 😉

(As you can see, my refrigerator art has changed as my daughter has grown.)



She is in CCDC & her Mom just read your letter & was wondering if you knew a DOJA where you’re at cuz if so she is locked up w/ his female Melanie & he’s saying the same shit you were in that letter.

She will probably be out around the time you are & she would like to help in any way but is limited at the moment b/c jail sux!

She did write you but some didn’t get sent & she had to get out of town after that LOP sang her shit.

Her Mom will boomerang, so write her @ Bville address. Be good & she always knows you’re good at it!

Te quiero y te extrano,   Nina

PS If there’s a phone she gots some $ on her acct to call it….


Since females suck @ the game & understanding rules & networking anyway b/c otherwise she will end up in SEG over principal…example: Allege that a female wanted some peanut M&Ms & that another female (we will call her “Trap Girl”) just so had some M&Ms of the peanut variety in exchange for the girls ever lovin soul b/c she was 19 & called Avenge 7 Fold punk rock & was needing to be schooled in the game, so Trap Girl drew up a contract stating for 6 M&Ms the other female would give the soul in question to Trap Girl & both signed the contract. Well…Trap Girl started feeling bad & asked the 19 yr old if she learned a lesson & she was told yes & Trap Girl voided the contract only to stumble upon a conversation where the 19 yr old said, “It’s got my social & B-day & DL # on it but it’s OK, you can keep it.” To which Trap Girl wondered aloud, “Why the fuck did I just give you your soul back if you were gonna be a stupid bitch & trick off your identity for free?” Grrrr….

Most recently Trap Girl got frustrated w/ the one whom which you may know her BF b/c of un gangster-like conduct in the dayroom. Trap Girl’s sidekick, aka “2-Trays” was looking out the beanhole for trays & “the eye in the sky” (rover that sees all) turned the TV off & after trays asked “Which one of you looked through the beanhole?”, to which Mel replied, “The person that did better say something or I’m gonna snitch.” & 2-Trays (not wanting to get indoor rec taken away) copped to it & got grounded to her bunk for the rest of the day & not 15 min later Mel comes downstairs & starts a sentence out w/ “Maybe I’m just institutionalized but…”  WTF?!? If you were institutionalized you wouldn’t dry snitch a nigga out! Damn! Trap Girl needs to get out of this daycare center!

Yes, she said Trap Girl cuz she remembered that horrible Kevin Gates song but now will listen to it every once in awhile cuz she maybe thought the dude telling her about why she should listen to it was pretty cool himself, we will call him the Sultan of Slowplay cuz Dope Hustlin Mother Fucker is too long & allegedly incriminating. But FYI, Trap Girl thinks his hustle game goes hard! She is aware that everything she said is ridiculous but A) she stays laughing to keep from wiggin out & B) no one ever understands her perspective nor does she care enough to try & explain it so she just sends ppl short letters saying “Hey, jail sux so put $ on my books.” In other words, you’re worth fuckin with & she enjoys writing you.

Obviously when she gets released she can send letters that aren’t written like a retarded Guido from Jersey is narrating a comic book & will also send you pics & be able to give you a # to call & talk & all that shenanigans!


Nina Miller, aka Trap Girl

ii. Before We Start

This story will start at the beginning, the first episode of Trap Girl – which I am frantically searching for, was written quite some time ago. My daughter began writing it 6 months ago as an escape since her reality consisted of being locked up, and she’s somewhat opposed to that. She began composing long and wonderful letters at that time and I have boxes of them; I’m organizing at this moment.

I have the episodes, along with the other women’s, in files and I will have them ready by Tuesday – I promise. They are amusing, shocking, and eye opening and I do hope you enjoy them. I will not be editing them much save for some spelling and slight grammar, so the harshness you see is real. Remember, some of the situations will not be what you may be used to. Such is the life of Trap Girl and her Friends.

Because what you will be reading over the next few weeks may be shocking, I want to start with something that gives me hope. When my daughter was first incarcerated she was, of course, not graceful about it to say the least. Writing was her solace. She wrote some great raps, which I hope she will let me share. And I am also going to share a letter she recently wrote herself as she calmed down and sobered up. It gives me great comfort to read it and I believe those of you who know her may recognize the change in demeanor.

Dear Nina,

  I apologize for ignoring your cries for a spiritual awakening, I apologize for locking up your inner child when she was begging to let your mom hold you & just let you cry! Please forgive me for not trusting you to know whats best for you & controlling 17 yrs of your life w/ drug abuse, superficial relationships, & greed.

I relied on others, that usually didn’t care if you were in prison to help in tough times. Know that I am working on me to make you proud & a better person from the inside out. I will start listening to you b/c you have good intuition. We will work on our trust issues & succeed in life.

Nina Miller

i. What Am I Doing Here?

I have not a single clue what I’m doing here, but I’m going to try my best to learn as I go. I’m the ghost writer for a group of women incarcerated in Oklahoma, the state that struggles with much except locking up the fairer sex. It seems to do that better than anywhere in the Union, better than anywhere in the world it would appear. In the following weeks I plan to bring you the work of Trap Girl, aka, Nina Miller, a woman doing time in an Oklahoma prison who is turning her life around and leading her friends into a world of hope and laughter, even behind the bars. Please join them in their journey.