ii. Before We Start

This story will start at the beginning, the first episode of Trap Girl – which I am frantically searching for, was written quite some time ago. My daughter began writing it 6 months ago as an escape since her reality consisted of being locked up, and she’s somewhat opposed to that. She began composing long and wonderful letters at that time and I have boxes of them; I’m organizing at this moment.

I have the episodes, along with the other women’s, in files and I will have them ready by Tuesday – I promise. They are amusing, shocking, and eye opening and I do hope you enjoy them. I will not be editing them much save for some spelling and slight grammar, so the harshness you see is real. Remember, some of the situations will not be what you may be used to. Such is the life of Trap Girl and her Friends.

Because what you will be reading over the next few weeks may be shocking, I want to start with something that gives me hope. When my daughter was first incarcerated she was, of course, not graceful about it to say the least. Writing was her solace. She wrote some great raps, which I hope she will let me share. And I am also going to share a letter she recently wrote herself as she calmed down and sobered up. It gives me great comfort to read it and I believe those of you who know her may recognize the change in demeanor.

Dear Nina,

  I apologize for ignoring your cries for a spiritual awakening, I apologize for locking up your inner child when she was begging to let your mom hold you & just let you cry! Please forgive me for not trusting you to know whats best for you & controlling 17 yrs of your life w/ drug abuse, superficial relationships, & greed.

I relied on others, that usually didn’t care if you were in prison to help in tough times. Know that I am working on me to make you proud & a better person from the inside out. I will start listening to you b/c you have good intuition. We will work on our trust issues & succeed in life.

Nina Miller

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