1. Go Hard Into the MF Paint


The Adventures of Trap Girl started as letters to a friend in prison whom she wanted to stay in contact with, she wrote in the third person. I found these letters difficult to read but also informative, and comforting because I saw compassion from someone I feared was becoming incapable of caring for humanity. I will not include all of the letters, I’ve edited some parts and I have changed names. This isn’t the best episode, but like I said – we start at the beginning.

 FYI: CCDC is Cleveland County Jail; SEG is solitary confinement – it’s not good; LOP is Lack of Potential; beanhole is the door where the foodtrays come through. If you are confused about any of the rest I will do my best to clear it up if you ask, and if I have a clue 😉

(As you can see, my refrigerator art has changed as my daughter has grown.)



She is in CCDC & her Mom just read your letter & was wondering if you knew a DOJA where you’re at cuz if so she is locked up w/ his female Melanie & he’s saying the same shit you were in that letter.

She will probably be out around the time you are & she would like to help in any way but is limited at the moment b/c jail sux!

She did write you but some didn’t get sent & she had to get out of town after that LOP sang her shit.

Her Mom will boomerang, so write her @ Bville address. Be good & she always knows you’re good at it!

Te quiero y te extrano,   Nina

PS If there’s a phone she gots some $ on her acct to call it….


Since females suck @ the game & understanding rules & networking anyway b/c otherwise she will end up in SEG over principal…example: Allege that a female wanted some peanut M&Ms & that another female (we will call her “Trap Girl”) just so had some M&Ms of the peanut variety in exchange for the girls ever lovin soul b/c she was 19 & called Avenge 7 Fold punk rock & was needing to be schooled in the game, so Trap Girl drew up a contract stating for 6 M&Ms the other female would give the soul in question to Trap Girl & both signed the contract. Well…Trap Girl started feeling bad & asked the 19 yr old if she learned a lesson & she was told yes & Trap Girl voided the contract only to stumble upon a conversation where the 19 yr old said, “It’s got my social & B-day & DL # on it but it’s OK, you can keep it.” To which Trap Girl wondered aloud, “Why the fuck did I just give you your soul back if you were gonna be a stupid bitch & trick off your identity for free?” Grrrr….

Most recently Trap Girl got frustrated w/ the one whom which you may know her BF b/c of un gangster-like conduct in the dayroom. Trap Girl’s sidekick, aka “2-Trays” was looking out the beanhole for trays & “the eye in the sky” (rover that sees all) turned the TV off & after trays asked “Which one of you looked through the beanhole?”, to which Mel replied, “The person that did better say something or I’m gonna snitch.” & 2-Trays (not wanting to get indoor rec taken away) copped to it & got grounded to her bunk for the rest of the day & not 15 min later Mel comes downstairs & starts a sentence out w/ “Maybe I’m just institutionalized but…”  WTF?!? If you were institutionalized you wouldn’t dry snitch a nigga out! Damn! Trap Girl needs to get out of this daycare center!

Yes, she said Trap Girl cuz she remembered that horrible Kevin Gates song but now will listen to it every once in awhile cuz she maybe thought the dude telling her about why she should listen to it was pretty cool himself, we will call him the Sultan of Slowplay cuz Dope Hustlin Mother Fucker is too long & allegedly incriminating. But FYI, Trap Girl thinks his hustle game goes hard! She is aware that everything she said is ridiculous but A) she stays laughing to keep from wiggin out & B) no one ever understands her perspective nor does she care enough to try & explain it so she just sends ppl short letters saying “Hey, jail sux so put $ on my books.” In other words, you’re worth fuckin with & she enjoys writing you.

Obviously when she gets released she can send letters that aren’t written like a retarded Guido from Jersey is narrating a comic book & will also send you pics & be able to give you a # to call & talk & all that shenanigans!


Nina Miller, aka Trap Girl

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