2. Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Trap Girl remains in Cleveland County Daycare Center, surrounded by an assortment of interesting characters and continues writing to John. In this episode there are two letters to her friend and she is getting accustomed to her environment.

FYI: Tricking something off is to trade it (sorta); The yard is the prison yard; pulling chain is when the women are handcuffed together and taken to prison; DOC is Dept of Corrections; a RIT is a temporary stay from a prison to a County Facility to clear up a ticket or some other charge; MBARC is Mabel Basset where the women are assessed and also a prison.


What’s up Homey! She’s glad she got a letter from you & she wished that she could have read it, but when her mom started reading it to her on the phone it said things her mom didn’t know what they said. It was somewhat funny actually but anyway … she is trying to get into a rehab at the moment so she can get the fuck out of here cuz it’s not Washington County! It’s not Oklahoma County either, really it’s the worst of both worlds! Imagine a facility where everything is clean & new like Washington County, w/ food (trays) like OK County, & commissary like David L. Moss. Dismiss me w/ that bullshit! Coffee is the strongest substance behind facility walls & it’s shitty.

So … she thinks it’s crazy if you end up knowing Melanie’s old man cuz Mel’s been trying to get at him for a minute & happy endings are good in massage & life. Hopefully you realize that this girl hasn’t forgotten about you & didn’t give you the wrong phone # but has been in jail since Feb, & before that laying low in the country w/ no phone service cuz she was in the mother fucking sticks!!

“Not All Who Wander Are Lost”  <–  This girl wrote that for DOJA on behalf of Melanie & that was this girls homegirl that writes on everything, but her nickname is “Sexy” so she will let that sexy girl write on anything she wants. Sexy tricked off her double-sided water panties to this girl (swim suit bottoms). So named cuz they get wet on both sides (damn, this girl is witty!) & they’re super cute! & have skulls on them. She also has purple & black hair braided up the sides into a mohawk while she’s in here, cuz as the black chick that does this girl’s hair says, “There ain’t nothin’ else to do!” When she gets back out, she will dye it back blonde & grow it out though. Also, she has some homegirls going to the yard that are looking for pen pals so maybe we can see what’s up on some writing buddys if that is beneficial to you in any way, otherwise don’t fuck with it cuz she is just helping niggas out not gaining shit from it. She gets frustrated in here so she does shit altruistically.



I just talked to my mom & she told me my letters just got returned b/c there was no DOC#. I just thought you stopped writing when you found out Trap Girl is in jail waiting on prison. She is still waiting @ CCDC to pull chain, they pulled last on May 8th & didn’t take her cuz she didn’t sign until April 28th & I guess her paperwork didn’t get in on time. Apparently CCDC pulls every 7 weeks so she will probably be here until July, grrr!

Trap Girl got moved from V-Pod to F-Pod, which is a DOC pod & its a good thing cuz there were 24 girls on V-Pod & 1/2 of them were crying b/c they got $1000 bonds ($150) & she was about to flip the fuck out! In the DOC pod shit is way more chill although she is finding out that she’s a bit aggressive & this epiphany came in jail (that’s sad when you’re too aggressive for jail). But there’s a girl here on a RIT from Eddie Warrior’s (where Trap Girl is gonna be) that told Trap Girl there’s quite a few homegirls there & it will be more like a reunion than anything else. She said her one year review is set for 4-20-17 (real shit nigga) or completion of RTP so she somewhat got fucked in the doing time game b/c if she could have just signed for 5 yrs she would be out by the time she hit MBARC, but they did dismiss her felony & misdemeanor charges upon completion & dismissed some of them all together. And she won’t be a felon when she gets out of prison & will continue to not be a felon if she completes 4 years of parole. She’s not 100% on how & if she can do paper time & if she can’t finish all her time by or around her year review she will stay locked up until 5 years of completion.

Anyway, I hope to hear from you soon. You said that you would be out June or July, hopefully you see that I wrote you & that I didn’t waive my loyalty. I’m bout it, speak to you in the future.




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