3. No Shame, Welcome to the Dope Game

In this episode Trap Girl still resides in Cleveland County Daycare Center, is waiting to pull chain and continues interacting with the residents therein. You can tell she is still in full tilt gangster mode, has little regard for those residents she feels are not gangster enough and tries to teach them to be better in the game. I can assure you, she has made great progress in the opposite direction.
I have spoken with her, gotten permission to publish her raps and created a page called Nina Miller’s Raps. Simply click on the 3 bar icon at the top left to take you to the menu. Enjoy. I find them eye opening. In case you are curious, she has referred to me as Wonder Woman since she was quite young. I am pleased as well as amused.
FYI: pulling chain refers to chain gangs and is when the women are handcuffed together and taken to prison; a pod is a group of cells in a jail or prison; Rover is a guard; CDS is controlled dangerous substance; 4/20 is April 20 – a date which is infamous for many things – pot smoking for one, Hitler’s birthday for another, Google it if you want more.


Hey they, It’s June & I hope you get to hit a work center soon! Do you know if they will forward your letter if /when you do?

Meanwhile … in the adventures of Trap Girl, a Citizen of Cleveland County Day Care named Kit Kat was ready to be released the next day & had told Trap Girl, “I got this. I’ve been in the game 13 years.” Well little did Kit Kat know that when she called her best friend she found out her husband was banging her & WHAM! started balling like a cry baby ass bitch. To which Trap Girl sang to the whole pod, “No Shame, Welcome to the Dope Game” …which was met w/ cheer & joy amongst the other citizens of Cleveland County Day Care & high fives were had through out the pod!

Her pod looks a lot like the one in the place you came from except the doors remain locked & you can only go in & out to grab things from the cell when Rovers come in for sight check b/c girls were beating bitches asses, ya know, girl stuff. 😉 Oh I wasn’t sure if I told you this but I had gotten a letter from some douche bag named Trevor Smith saying you gave him my address but I know how that shit works when you’re locked up, so plz just rip up my mom’s address when you get my letters. I know Trevor’s brother cuz he’s friends w/ my homey & we had a laugh reading that shit aloud.

Oh, rumor in the Ville is that Bob was infiltrated by pink farm animals w/ corkscrew tails shortly after Trap Girl went to lay low in the boondocks, also the female who used to go to Melmart that hung out w/ twin brothers that were crankster gangsters had the same demise & Ward was there & got CDS in a penal institution. The common denominator old dude that dry squealed on Trap Girl & that Cherry Chuck. I will refer to those 2 as Blueberries & Cherrys, cuz it’s funny & I’ve literally got too much time on my hands.

I wrote my brother & his parole is even sooner than Jan 2017 & he and my mom both think he will get out a few months before Trap Girl does & she is set for 04/20/2017. Yeah, Trap Girl’s parole date is 4/20 – real shit nigger!

Hit me up & write a line,



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