4. The Sultan of Slowplay

This is the last letter to Trap Girl’s friend; he was located through CorrLinks. The remainder of the adventures take on a different attitude – for several reasons. Trap Girl began her journey of recovery in a much more spiritual way, and I was also able to visit her in person; It was good for us both. Leaving the prison after that first face to face meeting was very emotional. I drove away from EWCC, parked in Taft and laughed and cried. It’s something I will treasure and hold in my heart forever.

FYI: EWCC is Eddie Warrior Correction Center in Taft, a minimum security prison, aka Petty Eddie’s (and the place that has saved my daughter’s life); DOC# is a Dept of Corrections number, given to all inmates; Retard Yard refers to the prison yard (I probably didn’t need to tell ya that)


Hey Homie What’s Up! I’ve tried sending you a ton of letters since Trap Girl went to jail Feb. 29th, 2016 & to no avail. They’ve all come back. My mom even tried sending a letter to let you know Trap Girl is on a vacation in Taft, Oklahoma @ a resort called Petty Eddie’s. She will hopefully only be there until December 30th cuz she got into a 4 month program called Helping Women Recover that starts in September.

I really hope you got released on an ankle monitor or taken to a work center & that’s why I haven’t been able to get through to you. In one of my previous letters I said, “I’m gonna have to refer to you as the “Sultan of Slowplay” b/c dope hustlin mother fucker is allegedly incriminating”. I thought it was pretty funny, but if you aren’t able to read it then regardless, it’s not funny!

The resort that Trap Girl is @ is way different than what she expected a state resort to be, b/c although she has never been to church camp, this is exactly what she envisions when thinking about this place. It’s not exactly going hard in the shard in the retard yard, but its easy time where she has made quite a few friends & even some girls that want to be more than that, but is trying to abstain b/c girls are fucking stupid & it’s unnecessary drama waiting to happen.

She met a girl here that knows you though, her name is Lucinda & she’s from the Ville. She said that a few years ago she was on her knees for you while you were on the phone telling your GF you were almost home & when she told me that & smiled I thought to myself, “Yup, you (taking about her) look like that behavior is not uncommon to your lifestyle.” She asked for your info and DOC# so I gave it to her cuz I figured you can always use a female w/ loose morals to forward your career in the game.

In County there was a girl named Heather Jones (went by Ophelia) that was from the Ville who said she knew you as well, but I didn’t like her so instead of giving her your info I talked her into sellin me her soul for the low price of absolutely nothing & after that she steered clear of me & wouldn’t even look me in the eye. She was continually bitching about being in County b/c of city tickets & that she had to be there for 2 whole weeks & therefore “knew what I was going through”. So I told her she didn’t know the game & hustled her out of her soul.

So, I’ve got 5 on it through the DOC but this non violent string of words won’t even last 18 months. Cleveland County Villains decided to make Trap Girl unbondable b/c she had a hold, a $1500 cash & a $50K to make sure she was good & stuck so they could send her on a vacation. Smokey Beau gets back from vacation in Cushing 2017 of Jan. & is probably gonna be in the Ville off Quail in the Court. My mom said any way for him to come home she will be down to help & de donde vive was the obstacle.So, are you familiar with the nationwide movie coming out that has cameos from people right here in Oklahoma? I think it’s supposed to be scary.

Write my Ville address & I will always read your letters. I would like to hear about “The Adventures of The Sultan of Slowplay” & will reply w/ some “Adventures From Trap Girl”. Apparently I wasn’t good enough@ it but I’m @ finishing school to get better.

Te Quiero y Te Extrano


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