5. Are You A Good Witch or a Bad Witch?

Once incarcerated all belongings are confiscated, and I do mean all. Women are issued very little and it is of poor quality. My daughter’s state issued shoes wore out quickly and she was wearing them with holes the size of half dollars in the soles for many months – although this is certainly not uncommon. (I’m not sure if her new shoes have been issued yet, although we have paid for them.) Most inmates are indigent, which means they have nobody sending them money or have no way to earn any while locked up, if they do earn money they might get 16 cents or as much as 50 cents an hour; shoes cost at least $50; so, you can see the quandary. She also began a spiritual journey and began reading many different philosophies. I sent her several books and even some Tarot cards. In these episodes Trap Girl is still angry at the system and coming to terms with her plight.

FYI: Black Eyes is the case manager whom is now a trusted and loved ally; Petty Eddie’s is Eddie Warrior prison – a minimum security women’s prison, so named because of the strict standards women are held to; The reason jeans and sweatshirts were contraband were simply due to the fact they were not purchased by Trap Girl (they are quite expensive and she wasn’t able to afford them); “The Jesus Brigade” is a group of women who have difficulty understanding my daughter’s developing concept of God, they have come to terms with each other – I think …..

Trap Girl felt utter defeat @ the hands of Black Eyes due to being dropped to a level 1 & already getting 40 hours of extra duty which had to be completed in 72 hours (no easy feat but Trap Girl succeeded) the latest debacle had to do with a pair of shoes which were “allegedly” found under Trap Girl’s bunk area that were not Trap Girl’s but were not stolen either. An ally of Trap Girl’s possibly wanted to give her shoes that didn’t have holes in the bottom & actually had arch support because she (The Oracle) was leaving for lower security & could get new shoes. Trap Girl sure wished she could have those ownerless shoes, but not getting put in SHU (single housing unit aka Solitary Confinement) or kicked out of her program is better than her back hurting & not having blisters on her feet.

Like E-40 says, “Everybody’s got choices”. Thanks for tuning into another episode of Trap Girl, until next time, Be good or be good at it!


The Adventures of Trap Girl 8/17/16

Trap Girl continually gets fucked in the game @ Petty Eddie’s but I guess the lesson to be learned is “if you live on the right side of the law it shouldn’t matter if you’re under a microscope!” Two weeks after her level 1 took effect Trap Girl got shaken down by Johnny Law & had contraband in the form of jeans and a sweatshirt. She is hoping that she doesn’t get written up for that b/c she could lose her program & be here a lot longer, so think positive thoughts in her direction.

Trap Girl was reading Tarot cards for her friends in here until “The Jesus Brigade” called her the devil & hijacked her cards, the punk ass bitches! Since I’m the devil it was “The Jesus Brigade” that was in the wrong & they, steal my cards & destroy my cards … who does that sound like?  ummm  could it be Satan?!?! Oh the irony!!! Naturally all the picnic tables have been graffitied w/ “I came to steal, kill & destroy ❤ Nina” But I bet “The Jesus Brigade” doesn’t catch the irony, nor the reference.

Trap Girl’s homie, “The Oracle” left 2 weeks ago, I hope she’s staying on track & another one left today …” I ❤ U Dez!” Congratulations on setting a date for your wedding & lets see the pictures of dresses. Oh BTW, in case you guys didn’t know, Trap Girl’s mom is Wonder Woman. That’s a fact & Wonder Woman is the best mom ever straight the fuck up!

That’s about it right now, Wonder Woman might have something to say, otherwise I will catch you guys on the flip side ….





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