7. Where There’s a Will There’s a Way

In this episode you hear from Trap Girl, and two of her pals – Myra, her dear friend and confidant, and introducing Lil’ Boy Blue. I have also added a new rap I recently came across as I organized letters.

Another episode of Trap Girl somewhat live from Eddie Warrior’s Correctional Center. Trap Girl has banded together with other criminals from Tafrica (so named b/c the bugs here are weird & freaking huge!) to form Anti-Hero League, fighting against stupidity & closed mindedness one sarcastic remark at a time. Sadly the jokes can be somewhat “wasted” due to the antagonists comprehension level. You would think they were midgets the way everything goes over their heads, *cue drum roll roll sound effect please*

Another week gone & hopefully not another case to catch … let me introduce the newest member of the Anti-Hero League “Lil’ Boy Blue”, with her debut blog from a different perspective since I cannot write like her & everything is subjective, OK enough of that.

I’ve realized just how many women in here have so much potential but no resources to realize it with, it seems the only jobs available to women getting out of prison consist of asking, “Do you want fries with that?” I think this is partially due to a glass ceiling but blame lies on women as well. We have a tendency to have a “When the going gets tough, every woman for herself” mentality, which is not conducive to providing for ourselves comparably equal to our male counterparts. So I ask, what could we do to change that? I’m not sure, but I do know you’ve gotta start somewhere.

I recently had my amazing mother send me some books about quantum, theoretical & astro physics, as well as a few psychology books – more specifically about maintaining a healthy brain & understanding why we have mental health problems & how to fix them without “self-medicating” as so many of us do not have access to stable health care upon release from here. Since getting these books, I’ve had a slew of females inquire about them & then ask to read them when I’m done. In a female penitentiary there are 3 females waiting to read Stephen Hawking’s A Grand Design: 2 waiting to read Dr. Daniel G. Amen’s Fix Your Brain Fix Your Life; & one reading The Mind of God as well as a few reading some information on Wicca, meditation & spirituality.

All of this leads me to believe that there are intelligent women with a will to do more & the problem is there’s no existing way. Let’s broaden these women’s horizons so there is more to talk about than other people, celebrity divorces or who looked best in whatever weird shit designers are passing off as “clothes” nowadays. Let’s do some networking (I mean we were dealers, pimps, escorts so I know we know how to network) & keep books filled with innovation & useful knowledge inside these walls, let’s get magazines with REAL current events to educate women on what can happen if we band together with/for a common goal & better our gender.

This is Pepe (aka Trap Girl) saying Knowledge is Power so educate yourself & pass it on to others & let’s beat the system @ their own game … Legally

Hello World! I haven’t had any contact, or should I say, I’ve had minimal contact with anything or anyone outside walls and fences of confinement in a year now! Besides the letters I get from my mother (my #1 fan) and the occasional phone call home to speak to my 2 year old lil’ man, EWCC is sadly what I call my life now.

I really don’t know where to begin with this blog other than discussing exactly how I feel about where I am at in my journey .. some call this life, me? … I consider it a trip .. with bumps in the road and curves, bends, dead ends and turn arounds, overlooks and cliffs .. drop offs ….

Who would’ve ever thought that I, me, yes, this gal right here, would be layin on my rack contemplating my next words to entertain your interest in women’s prison info … LOL! After all, I waited till I was 35 to ever even get a ticket! I’ll be 41 in a month and I am another statistic! I fall into the “one who had it all and lost it to addiction” category. I used to be the one giving orders, I was the Boss, LOL! Now I am the one gettin orders. Barked at. Me, always looked at as a Suspect, “guilty in grey” LOL! BTW, the grey is getting old, fast, really, who designed this garb? They need to be shot! Um ..?? Is that pre-meditated or conspiracy or somethin? Anyway, they can steal my style, but not my smile! Ha!ha!

Anyway, I am a Lesbian, I have been in female relationships for over 10 years now … I did make the comment that they’d be better off lockin me up in the boys side, LOL! I do have a son and I have been married to men in the past but truly it’s of no interest to me now … I was told it would be like goin on a Lesbian cruise when I got here. Ha! Perpetrating Fraud all the way; I almost want to say I may be straight by the time I leave here! No Joke! I was like a kid in a candy store when I got here but as I blog, you will see what I mean … Women are soooo dramatic! Scandalous and cruel! There are some good ones but you really gotta watch yourself as you are lookin for them. If I would’ve paid money for this cruise, I would definitely get a refund then sink the ship! Just sayin!

till next time, Lil’Boy Blue

Well, here we are again, another week gone! Yay! So I look around this room at all the faces, all of them breathtaking in one way or another! Some wear their beauty where everyone can plainly see it, others would have to be spoken to if you wanted to find it. And then there are the ones that you could search their soul all day without even a clue as to where its hidden, now those are the ones that are only out for themselves. And in that case I personally want nothin to do with. But the ladies that seem to bend over backward to help a friend in need are the most precious of all! To take each other in like they’ve known them all of their lives, those are the friends I am most thankful for. And it seems they are the most unlikely group that has every been put together! There’s Pepe, who seems feared the most for her intelligence. Myra, the one who loves too hard, and Goldilocks, the social butterfly. They spend every free moment just helping each other with whatever needs helping; even if it means taking on a Sargent! Their bond is strong and their love is pure! They are just 3 of EWCC’s finest. LOL! 

The thing that scares me the most for us is Freedom! Our little Pepe just got into the Little Miss Goody Two Shoes club, and Goldilocks is waiting to get into the Break Your Spirit Boot Camp, and Myra’s just waiting on them to open those gates and let her out! I pray when they’ve all completed these goals that have been set before them, that Freedom won’t be too much to bear, and they find themselves trapped by the “Waste Management” teams again … I feel like society has taken all of its “Trash” and thrown it into the “Dump” and instead of Rehabilitating humans, they’re Recycling “Water Bottles”, filling them with whatever they see fit, and then sending them back out into society. Most of the time not quite equipped for what is going to be thrown at them, so they become just more “Human Waste” … And upon returning they’re greeted by all the ones they left behind who hoped they would make it, so now those ones lose hope for themselves also.

Just keep the bin in business I guess ….




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