10.The Death of A Lawyer

The death of a lawyer is generally the punch line to a joke, but not today. Today it is a sad and unfortunate event of monumental proportions – because he was an institution for the downtrodden. He was a man who never gave up or gave in. He is the reason my daughter turned her life around and had a second, third and even fourth chance. He knew she would eventually “pull her head out of her ass”, his words exactly, and he stayed and fought well beyond what I was able to pay him. For 3 long years he reasoned with her and I hope he knew what a difference he made in her life – I am fully aware he made a difference in many others. Fred Shaeffer – a gentleman and a scholar, may he rest in peace.

This episode will be based on rehabilitation and release from prison. And …. The Villains of Cleveland County have denied Trap Girl’s appeal for an amended J&S – I still am rather upset – but not surprised. I stood in the court, listened to the judge tell her how important it was for her to receive rehabilitation and how much she was hoping my daughter would take advantage of the help that was being offered. My daughter told the judge she was grateful for the help and would accept it …. and here is the rest of the story ….

RTP – WTF?!?!

There has been a lot of talk on the yard about the Regimented Treatment Program (RTP) which is an 8 – 10 month military structured rehab program within the prison. It has its own dorm in an unauthorized area where the 90 attendants wear BDU’s and are not allowed to talk to the general population without a misconduct being written and vice versa.

People in attendance of this program have been sentenced to it by the court and have at least a 7 year sentence (in the Oklahoma prison system a 7 year sentence kicks you right out to lower security so if you are just at 7 years you will actually do more time with RTP as a stipulation than if you just sign for your time.) My sentence was part of a plea agreement where I signed for 5 years with RTP recommended & a judicial review (a 1 year review) 4-20-17. I have since tested into HWR (An intensive therapy group and individual therapy) that is 4 months long, which stands for Helping Women Recover. My county disagrees with this counting as my program and instead of letting me do it as an equivalent program I have had to formally refuse RTP and serve out my time in order to stay in HWR and get the help that I need. FYI, HWR is considered an equivalent program to RTP but on my J&S (Judgement and Sentencing papers) it specifically says “RTP recommended” not RTP or Equivalent Program and I now have forgone my judicial review. My projected release date is November 1, 2017 instead of April 20, 2017. I realize that most people don’t see a huge difference between April and November (5-6 months), but when you’re locked up on dead time it can feel like the difference between treading water and drowning. I’m actually fortunate that it’s only a 5-6 month difference. There are girls on this yard I know serving 15 year sentences who have either quit RTP or were kicked out. I don’t speak for anyone else so I have asked them if they would write a little something about RTP and what they thought about it. If they’re still happy with their choice of leaving the program or if they think it’s fair they got kicked out.

I know that even if I had not gotten into an equivalent program I would have preferred to serve out my time in the general population as opposed to a military bootcamp prison within a prison, although I understand the idea and think it more useful in a male prison considering there aren’t too many females in here that are here because they lacked structure in the world. It is almost exactly the opposite, most women here were abused and controlled by men, are survivors of trauma, abuse and chemical dependency and being screamed at and being told what to do in a “structured” environment doesn’t seem like the best way to succeed and overcome those previous circumstances. I can’t say honestly that I don’t deserve to be in prison, but I can say with certainty that 9 out of 10 women here need intensive therapy and rehab, not prison and by incarcerating us like men and giving us military bootcamp like men will not be as effective because, are you ready for me to blow your minds? WE AREN’T FUCKING MEN!!

Eddie Warrior does an amazing job at rehabilitation and I can call it a correction center with certainty as well as owe this place my life. But with some REAL funding for HWR or other trauma/therapy based programs, I bet the recidivism rate would go down tremendously among females. Most of my friends here that have previously been incarcerated here and are back have done RTP so don’t keep coming back it doesn’t always work if you work it.

Goodnight & Have a Wonderful Eddie Warrior Day!    Trap Girl 

Free @ Last

Your family member will be coming home from prison soon. In order that you may adequately prepare to deal with her return to society, we suggest that you read and digest the following:

  1. Her language may be totally prison oriented, please smile appropriately when she utters such terms as, “You got me fucked up”, “Let me find out”, “Ain’t that it”, “You’re wrong for that”, “Girl, you ain’t shit”, “Hey, Giiirrllaah”, “Here I am”, “It is what it is”, She may say “Listen” before she says a sentence.
  2. The first few times she rides in a car, remind her to close and lock the doors, as this has been done for her by guards for far too long.
  3. If she should ask “Which prison you from”, “What dorm you’re on”, “How long did you sign for”, “Are you doing violent time”, “What county you from” – just make something up.
  4. If she insists on putting shanks under her pillow and locks on her dresser and closet doors do not remove these items until she is convinced that she no longer lives around convicts, thieves and murderers.
  5. Never under any circumstances mention the word PO-LICE!
  6. Please allow her to open the refrigerator at least 2-6 times daily. She may just want to stand there and stare at the food for awhile. If she insists on lining up for meals, gently lead her back to the table and assure her she doesn’t need to present her ID for the food. Don’t be surprised if she gobbles her food down quickly and stashes food in her clothes. Never throw food away in front of her, she may get hysterical. If she inspects her food endlessly, don’t worry, she is only checking for mold, hair and roaches.
  7. If she sits on the bed quietly for more than 30 minutes, just announce “Counts clear” and she will resume activities.
  8. Don’t be surprised if she stashes toilet paper in her room. She’s used to getting 1 roll per week and “You can’t have any of it”
  9. After someone has come and visited her, gently tell her that it’s not necessary to strip, squat and cough.
  10. Don’t be surprised if she asks “Whose next in the microwave” or tries to save it for later by putting something in it or yells “Microwave” when it goes off.
  11. Don’t be surprised if she asks her boss about “Good time” or her “Level” rather than her paycheck. She may not remember what pay is.
  12. Warn her in advance if you are putting on gloves. She will start hiding stuff.
  13. Remind her she doesn’t have to call anyone collect anymore and she doesn’t need to put her DOC # in and say her full name after dialing a number.
  14. When taking her shopping she will have a list already made and she will give it to the cashier and expect it to be filled. She might hand the cashier her ID when purchasing her items at the store or ask what her balance is.
  15. If you need her to come inside just announce “Yard closed”.
  16. When she sees a dog she will probably stand at attention with her arms at her sides until she is sniffed and dismissed.
  17. If she stands by her bed at 9:30 pm with her ID in hand and says her name and DOC #, just walk away after she says it, this is standing ID count.
  18. Don’t get offended if she cleans everything with bleach, takes the shower curtain down and scrubs it.
  19. If she wants to get intimate with her lover or smoke a cigarette let her know that she does not need a jigger and can do so at any time.
  20. Don’t get offended if she wears flip-flops to take a shower, she has done this for a while now and is probably a bit of a germaphobe.

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