Episode 25 Shoutout to My Girls That are Still Down

Here are 3 pieces of writing from 3 amazing women that are still down in the prison system.  Keep your head up!!!

In Search of New Realities

Everynight I pray my soul to keep fighting nightmares wearily.

While taking in my sleep so many hearts broken along with my own

and at the end of the day I’m still sleeping alone.

On this journey of madness.  I’m venturing still, I’ve been here so long

surpassing what’s real.

Stark raving mad, still you try to poke and what lies within you need not evoke.

There’s no love lost here, no none to be found

but when she dare shows her face I’ll be hanging around getting old, I suppose.

So call me a bore, I have no revelation of asking for more

don’t flatter yourself, You’ll be sadly mistaken

and this fire’s burning in me will soon fiercely awaken

Over exerting passion to pacify one’s self

Recovering sufficiently from issues of which we needed no help.

Arisen mystery from separation we attempt to elude.

I have a closet full of skeletons and my friend so do you.

Initiating changed in mood

take the liberty now of not turning around

On second thought what once was so lost may never be found

not everything we feel deserved explicit reactions

not sinking to your level gives me considerable satisfaction

an interrupted mistress in a place I don’t belong

and the answers to these questions, I’m afraid

have been here all along

-Courtney Bone

Damn Devil

Tired, broke down and nowhere to go

Never in life have I been so low

two steps forward, five steps back

damn the devil for trying to keep me off track!

Tears flow down my face as the storm rages inside and out

Man, will I ever make it out of this sea of doubt?

Two steps forward, five steps back

damn the devil for trying to keep me off track!

Lord forgive me day in and day out

I try and try still I haven’t made it out

I’m so far gone can you even hear me shout?

Two steps forward, five steps back

damn the devil for trying to keep me off track!!

Choices to make, decisions to decide

It’s gotta be done, nowhere to hide

Chanced are I couldn’t even if I tried.

The stronger the storm tha harder I cry

The longer I’m sober the more demons I find.

Two steps forward, five steps back

damn the devil for trying to keep me off track!

Lord come find me I’m scared and alone

No way I can make it out here on my own!

Damn the devil, he won’t let me be

Just what will it take to make him flee?

Five steps forward, not one step back!

Damn you devil, you can’t keep me off track!!

Ha!  I win God’s had the last say.

Damn you devil, to hell where you’ll stay!

-Bertha Hearn


It’s now Sunday, Feb 19 2017.  Wow, as I look at the date it dawned on me that I’ve been fenced for 823 days today.  27 long months and I have about the same amount of days left.  This has been a stretch of unforgettable time.  Not time lost, time preserved.  Getting easier to just write and be completely open and honest.  Thanks to all my lookers that help us ladies and that view us trapped girls.  Close your eyes-imagine the ocean and sunshine and sand between your toes….you see me?  I’m right there, freckles and all.

-Jesus Loves Outlaws


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