Episode 27 Road Runner Revisited

01/10/17  MEEP MEEP

The road runner revisted….

Since becoming the HWR clerk and facilitator for dorm 1 I have been roped into stupid problems that shouldn’t affect civilized humans.  The entire row of beds that I’m on got called into Mrs. Hick’s office today for allegedly being loud and she asked us who was being loud and specifically said “McIntyre, Who’s being loud?” I said “I don’t know I don’t pay attention to other people” and everyone tried to say that it was another facilitator that ran me in because she can’t stand me and everyone made a huge deal about her trying to trick me off but when I asked if she had said anything or if there was a situation I needed to watch out for? They said no.  Basically you are telling me that someone that’s nice to my face actually doesn’t like me and is apparently harboring resentment and the best they can do is run me in for a noise level???  Then it sucks to be them!!! I’m not too fucking worried nor will I lose any sleep over it because it doesn’t mean that much to me to mean that much to you!

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