Episode 31 They Can Handle The Truth

They Can Handle The Truth

I got called for a job interview at Dillard’s yesterday and went to the interview today, I was worried about being a felon but my philosophy is to be honest from the get because who wants to work for someone that would initially look down on you for somewhere that you have been.  I dressed up really nice and put on makeup and walked into the interview to shake April’s hand and tell her I was glad to meet her.  When we sat down she asked me to tell her a little bit about myself, so I did.  “I just got out of prison a few months ago.”  I said.  She replied “Are you kidding me right now?” and I told her no I was not kidding that I had messed up previously in life and prison was a great experience for me.  She told me her philosophy that everything happens for a reason and that she thinks it’s amazing that I decided to turn my life around in prison.  She proceeded to tell me that she was spiritual and believed in energy and the comprehensive understanding of the universe within the ripple effect of karma, then I got to talk Buddhism.  She then told me about how she feels about science and physics, then I got to talk to her about quantum mechanics and string theory.  This happened all the way until the end of the interview where she told me that I would be a great fit at Dillard’s and that everyone there is zero drama and gets along really well.  I am going for my second interview this next week and will now be working at the college Mon-Fri 8a to 2:30p and then Dillard’s from 4:30 to 9.  This will give me the extra income I need in order to become self sufficient.  I am constantly blessed by the universe and I have sooo much thanks to give!

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