Episode 34 Fuck The American Banking System

06/13/17  Fuck The American Banking System

I know that my blogs are usually upbeat and positive but this one is a rant on poverty in America and the way the banking system uses us as slaves to fund the Global Market System.  I am employed through Key Personnel at Wesleyan University and I got a call from Key today telling me that this was my third check to be given without setting up direct deposit and that they would not issue me anymore checks after this. They want you to go through a check cashing company that takes out a percentage of your check for every direct deposit and still invest your money in their companies without any profit to me.  They just borrow the money and invest it for themselves in the global market and still want to take a percentage from me every time I have a check come in.  No FUCKING way will I do that, instead I went to a credit union and opened a savings account because it is at least a better controlled version of that.  They give me .15% but still profit off of my money and track me through it on the daily.  This over reaching of a capitalist government infuriates me and frustrates me at the same time.  I am against the banking system for the main reason that it only helps a select few of already wealthy people keep their wealth while I get charged penalties for not being able to keep enough money in my account because I am in poverty and the cost of living is high as fuck.  The appeal of the criminal life comes from wanting to opt out of this society and keep the little amount of money that I do have from tracking me and helping keep the rich rich but I am trying to live intently and legally so I will fund keeping the 1% wealthy in order to even be given my checks that Key Personnel already takes a chunk of for giving me the opportunity to work for $9/hr.  One day at a time and for today and today only I will not be a criminal.

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