Episode 38 Endangered Species????

Endangered Species??? 06/20/17

I’m reading “The Outline of History” by HG Wells and in the first few chapters he talks about evolution and survival of the fittest.  I already have a view on environmentalists that is of self preservation in a smarter way than war and violence but self centered none the less.  It just clicked in my head that it’s the same thing with saving polar bears etc.  Is it a big deal to some people because it is a reminder of what we are destined for with climate change?  Do we feel that if we can save other endangered species we can save the extermination of the human race?  Maybe I just have a bleak and pessimistic view of human nature and these people aren’t self serving, their just stupid?!?!  The intelligent me wants to bring up the ice age which exterminated the largest amount of creatures to our knowledge and in the grand scheme of things didn’t ACTUALLY do that much but in our history is a huge point of interest.  Whether we become extinct by a nuclear winter or the sun burning us alive way before it blows up or engulfs us, it will not really impact the earth or the more fit creatures that will survive.  It seems to me that preservation of our planet, of species that would kill us if we were closer to them and ourselves is all out of our control and energy wasted on t hat is simply just that, wasted energy.

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