Episode 39 Jesus Loves Outlaws

06/22/17 This is the writing of Jesus Loves Outlaws

This has been a long journey.  In about 90 days, you can call this trapped girl free!!  I’m so ready-beyond ready….

Temper is short, words are enough to set me off these days.  I’m taking the tools I’ve learned and really putting them to use.  You can actually see the weak on them these days.  I’m in college algebra, learning a great deal.  One thing I know for certain is that no amount of math can fix stupid.  It’s all about control here.  Some have it, some have none.  Some of us are so out of control that we manipulate others in order to control them.  I’m learning that it’s lack of self control.  Help the ones on the end being controlled.  If you have to give something away in order to be a part of something then you never had it anyway.  I don’t need friends to survive in this concrete jungle, I got #1.  I’m just ready to go.  I want to smash a Vass that’s not such a bad ass.  No wonder she’s been PC’d, all mouth and then runs to authority.  Ugh, done with that.

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