Episode 44 Good Friday


Today is Good Friday and I saw my friends in an Easter play called “Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done” about the crucifixion and the resurrection.  I see the appeal of Christianity although I continually feel like the point is missed.  I feel like symbolically we all have to end our childish thinking to grow up and accept responsiblity for our actions and in this way Jesus Christ is an archetype that is activated inside of us inspiring us toward action.  When the story gets taken literally and dogmatically followed the symbolism becomes literal and the point is lost in lieu of the detail that I feel is less important than the morality of the metaphor of metamorphosis into self-realization AKA individuation into your higher self.  The obsessive focus on the violence leading up to the crucifixion is overly romanticized in my opinion.  The humility it takes to kill the ego and realize your higher self is the lesson I take from that story, not the minutia regarding the archetypal figure specific to Jesus Christ since every demigod possesses the same qualities and it’s the later version of Buddha, Hercules Etc. I also tend to miss the trees for the forest and Jesus Christ happens to be one of those trees.  I had read something pertaining to the mark of a mature person being dedication to a cause and the mark of an immature person being dying for a cause (martyrdom) and it seems to me that being stuck on that part of the archetypal story just shows how many people have yet to grow up.


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