Episode 48 Another Month


When you’re doing time, it either flies or drags….I’m glad this day is over, I’m ready to conquer another week.  To all the readers and responders I am grateful and I hope that I will be on the same view side soon.  I’ve been a bucket of tears this evening.  The one person I have riding for me is getting sketchy and in a place like this solid dependability means everything.  The small things mean the world, all the other stuff like letters, pictures, visits and money is like an orphan child’s Christmas.  What I wouldn’t do for that kind of dinner right now.  Even a bean pie beats what they have been serving here lately.

I know I’m DOC owned right now but a pen-pal would be awesome!!!  If I have interest hit me up!!!!  Pictures suck here so if you’re looking on the website that ain’t the me I see.  Woolsey really is pretty even if she’s a 447983

I’m going to dedicate some time to rounding up all the posts tomorrow.

Joke: A 3 legged dog walked into the saloon and said “I’m lookin for the man that shot my paw”

I may be trapped but it’s just temporary, DOC can’t keep me because butterflies are free and I’m never alone because Jesus Loves Outlaws.

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