Episode 49 Hello World

Hello world,

Allow me to take this time to share with you a little about myself.  Where I’ve come from to where I’m at at this point in my life.  In the midst of listening to what I’m about to reveal to you, I only pray that you not only listen to the words that are coming from this body that has been labeled once on “caught on camera to show” filming Bryan Bates better known as John O on the streets of OKC, OK named Robinson south.

I was labeled as the most notorious and dangerous prostitute in Oklahoma!  I don’t only want you to hear as well as read these words but listen to the transformation that’s taking place within his woman.  As my words speak directly to you!

In the still of the night with nobody else around every 10-15 minutes a car will pass, stands a beautiful young girl.  With the whispering wind sound of a voice so she thinks, always wondering the next man she meets.  As she greets the darkness with her radiance of beauty and her freshness from her youth, not knowing what to do, where to go but only awaiting another hustle.  When the cars pass her by she greets them with a lovely smile and a friendly wave that motions them to come not knowing who will be the one to turn that corner and pick her up.  Once this lovely girl enters this perpetrator’s car only guessing, will she return, leading her to believe that he’s found his prey in her.  It’s a lonely world out there when you have nobody to trust, that little girl is me as I once was a piece of meat to the animals that prowled the streets.

It’s a wonder that I am as blessed as I am to still have the mentality I have, the strength to wanna keep going.  The wisdom to teach those who don’t know better, the desire to reach somebody that’s out there on the streets, the courage to wanna do better and the passion to touch a soul out there.

I’ve managed to make these revolving gates by being a repeat offender, since 1991.  I’m not bragging or proud of this but only speaking the truth about it.  I honestly don’t see a rehabilitation within these gates cause what the world don’t know or see we is inmates.  Offenders, convicts, a woman labeled as a menace to society gets the chance to witness all that’s hidden to the silent eyes, meaning those eyes that the system don’t allow ya to know!  It comes from within yourself, the rehabilitation that is.  When you allow yourself to get rid of the past, the trash, the trauma, the abuse, the humiliation that’s caused you to be locked, chained and afraid to reach out for something better and want a better life.

I’m tired of living a lie, pretending to be happy!  When you become so sick and tired of what you are then you’ll become something better ladies.  It’s not fun when you have nobody inside these gates or outside these gates that’s there for you mentally, spiritually or financially and that’s when you learn to become ok with yourself.  You learn yourself, love yourself, respect yourself and have pride in yourself instead of the woman that you thought you was as you put on your mask upon entering this cold, cruel world as you leave from behind those closed doors.

I have very little time left here at Dr. Eddie Warrior’s Correctional Center located in Taft, OK 74463.  My name is Rene McCullough DOC#181698 and I’ve managed to find myself within these gates this past 3 ½ years.  I’ve been gone but upon leaving this yard I’m taking a woman that’s so strong, so beautiful, so bold!  A lady with respect who stands tall with her head up and can’t wait to fight the word that’s waiting to test me once again.

I’m in search of a mentor that will help me, guide me and point me into the right direction that will help anybody who is wanting to get off the streets as well as drugs.  I will become an advocate for women on the streets, women who suffer with mental health issues within the system because if only these walls could talk they would talk a lot, but they can’t.  Therefore I’m going to speak and become the voice for these concrete walls.  I’m wanting to and going to speak out, reach out and help out the ladies who can’t help themselves!  God bless you all and pray that somebody contacts me that’s willing to help me become an advocate for us ladies!!!!

Thank you,

Rene McCullough

One comment

  1. Michael · October 20

    Stay strong, Rene. I know jail isn’t easy. The hardest thing about it, I think, is all the time you have nothing to do but think. Hopefully, when you get out everything will go as planned.

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