Episode 50 Dezmo’s Poetry

I smell bacon sizzling

Damn I want a slice

They say don’t borrow once

Or you’ll pay it back twice

And these stupid wool blankets

Itch like they’re made of bedbugs

Screw fakin’ it to make it

This place will make you hate drugs

Standing on the grass is for free people, Okay?

And watching my children grow via photos

Is really sending me to a dark place

I guess that isn’t so bad when there’s

Always a light on at night, right?

The only silence I hear is my own

I’ve prayed for quiet for so long

That my own screams of frustration

Are all I will never hear, maybe I’ll have a Happy New Year


I’m a wreck never an accident

Just a speck as the universe spins

I do not have a soul, I am a soul

Once you realize the meaning of this level of freedom you experience

Is dangerously unique in everything you see

In every word you speak

The way you count your days

While officers count you

I’m freedom in raw form

Only in your head is freedom truth



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