Episode 52 Jesus Loves Outlaws


A big hello to the world out there!  I know it’s been awhile, I’ve been very disconnected.  My mind was wrapped around being released from here.  PRD Nov. 1st 2017.  That has all changed in the last 8 days, man is now saying I have 1884 days flat.  There is no way, I’ve been trapped for 3 years now- how do you overlook something like this?  Not just one person but many.  The records employees take my life as a joke and it comes down to the nut cutting they never had them to start with- or the backbones- SNAKES let’s blame the dead Bill Page and in the mean time I’m still here, trapped in the place that’s just feet from the exit into the unknown.  Although I haven’t been blogging I didn’t stop writing.  I just had an idea that I would forward all my thoughts when I got access to me Dell.  So here are a few of them on the next few pages.  So to catch ya’ll up- I have nothing, need everything.  I was on my way out the gate, so it was a free for all at 113upper.  Grateful for the 3 trays a day but extra batteries and a few stamps would be nice.  When it comes to asking others for stuff, I cringe.  Sometimes warm water is the cure, as long as you just go to sleep fast.  This is the test of loyalty- where the realness of friendship is found.  I know there’s faith in Fox but I’m struggling teaching that old dog new tricks.  It’s his birthday by the way-big 52-here’s your shoutout.  Well, I’m going to continue to make the best of this adventure, keep me in your prayers folks.  If we’ve traveled to Hominy tell my outlaw I love him.  BDM remember this place can’t keep me because butterflies are free.

Jesus Loves Outlaws


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