Episode 54 Normalcy

Normalcy was a word that President Warren G. Harding coined when talking about what America was going to return to after the war and depression era, therefore I think it is fitting for me to use it as well.  My fiance and are are both recovering criminals and being normal together is our relationship goal dream.  Last night we went bowling and went home and went to sleep, we strive to do the drab day to day menial shit that people that have always been normal take for granted and get overly excited when we find ourselves sitting down to dinner and then watching a movie like we are doing something extraordinary.  There is extraordinary in the ordinary if it isn’t what you are used to.  Bach was right about perspective being everything, “use it or lose it”.  I know that I need to remember the extraordinary in the ordinary in order keep myself from becoming bored and acting a fool just for an adrenaline rush because the truth of the matter is I know that I don’t want to lose Chris or my mom again and keeping that in perspective will keep me returning to normalcy instead of going back to the struggle because it doesn’t have to be real if you don’t let it!!!!



  1. Devil · October 21

    I love you so much baby being normal with you is everything I’ve ever dreamed of.


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