It’s Been Awhile

It’s been over a month since I’ve published anything, partially because of the amount of work that I’ve been doing with my job but also the amount of changed I have made in my life.  This post will probably not be very witty or intriguing but more of a way to catch up readers that I hopefully haven’t lost due to my neglect.

I’ve been working as a Title Clerk at a car dealership and it’s been nice to be able to translate some of the things that I did illegally into a legal career and more than just a job!  I am grateful for the people here that over looked my felony to give me this opportunity to learn a trade!

December 28th 2017, I bought a car from my dealership and my husband drives me to and from work in it since I don’t have my license back but that’s the next step!  A few days ago we moved into our own place and we are enjoying the time together very much.

My brother got out of prison January 12th 2018 and he and his girlfriend are in Tennessee, he is trying to find a job but it is difficult to get a job when you are just out of prison and he is already feeling the frustration!

Knowing that my intentions are good helps me to know that no matter where I am going or what I am doing, I am right with myself while I’m doing it!