How the Trap Girl Blog started

All good stories start at the beginning, so will this one. As to whether it is good or not, well that will be up to you to decide. It is difficult to watch anyone struggle, especially a loved one, and even more so my own daughter. I will warn you that this will be graphic, ugly at times but also funny and, in my humble opinion, very worthwhile.

With that said I would like to share how this blog came to be. In the 6 months since my daughter has been incarcerated we have been writing letters to each other. I have been delighted with her candor and willingness to accept her situation. It certainly didn’t start out that way, but she is learning the lesson of patience the universe is teaching.

Trap Girl is her nickname and she started writing her adventures as a way to blow off some steam, and as a way to use humor to get rid of the demons so to speak – it has been successful for her. She also started out writing raps too – I recently got the OK to share them and created a page for them: Nina Miller’s Raps. 

Since I have enjoyed The Adventures of Trap Girl I asked if I could publish them, and I also asked if maybe some of her friends would be willing to share their stories as well. Their writings are amazing! As I have visited the prison I have met wonderful women, all working to better themselves so that when they finish serving their time they can return home healed and ready to enter society. I hope this blog will help us understand them better.