Necessary Evils

Because the world insists on stepping in muck and because my sense of humor finds glee in it, I feel compelled to protect myself and my authors in the following way …

The views expressed herein may not represent those who visit such as the author’s father’s, mother’s, brother’s, sister’s, other blood relative’s, FB friend’s, dog’s, zombie’s, the author herself’s, and the web host’s ..

The information herein cannot be claimed to be accurate or true and all components are the sole responsibility of the writers, who take full responsibility – or blame. Politeness is certainly not guaranteed. If a translation site is utilized feel free to laugh at the result as these applications are ridiculous at best.

All material is the sole work and ownership of the authors and may not be reproduced without their express written consent. All information and statements made are done so with the intent of banishing personal demons and with the hope of doing no harm. If you are easily offended it would probably be best if you don’t visit this site – I suggest if you do get offended that you put on your big girl panties and/or get a real life.

To put things in perspective. I am one of the lucky people in this country who has worked hard and saved for retirement. I have enough money to live comfortably for the rest of my life – as long as I die by 6 o’clock next Tuesday. Seeing as how the women are already in prison they cannot be bribed, and as my days are numbered neither can I.