Nina Miller’s Raps

These are the raps my daughter wrote while she was initially locked up and began realizing she needed to completely change her life. Of course these are only the words so the music and cadence is missing. You are only getting part of her work here. She alludes to a different subculture than many people might be used to – but I think you get the drift. She has referred to me as Wonder Woman since she was a young child, the first rap was written for me for Mother’s Day and I find it very moving. SPM is South Park Mexican – his work is really good, and was inflicted on me when she would visit, thought you might want to know.

Wonder Woman Works Here  

By Nina Miller    5/19/2016

When you head into the trap don’t forget about the cheddar, my mama tried to tell me that my life could be better. But I took on the game like I had a vendetta. Now I know I fuct up cuz I really mislead her. I shoulda quit this shit like van Halen quit Eddie Vedder. Please know that I love you, please know that I’m here. All I gotta say is it’s just not my year. These crankster gangsters know deception like it’s the name of the game, but lyin & stealin ain’t a hustle or a claim to fame. Stop committing larceny @ Walmart nigger you’re like 30, you do that shit for a bump, y’all MF’ers is dirty. Please know that I miss you, please know that I care. Know I sing Sublime & Janis when I play solitaire. Of all the things I could be locked up for this definitely ain’t the worst. I wouldn’t be here @ all tho if I just put family 1st. But if this situation were a set up better believe I’d still be comin, I’m woman enough to face my problems, shit I ain’t runnin. Now my parole date is 4/20 2017. I promise to stay sober tho, I ain’t no MF’in feign. I’ll be runnin the streets tho, sayin shit that’s obscene, cuz Wonder Woman’s got my back, if ya know what I mean.


Fuck The Fake Don’t Fake The Fuck

By Nina Miller    5/26/2016

I demand respect when you hear my voice. Y’all MF’ers act like you got a choice. Didn’t know that I deserved incarceration, but we’re all niggers in a police nation. You won’t hear my shit on no radio station. I’m a real gangster, shit I ain’t fakin, this here’s real rap music that I’m makin. Goin hard like SPM & Jellyroll cuz that new R&B rap ain’t got the same soul. Stop hatin each other & unite, man that’s my goal, so listen to this shit that I flow. You ain’t talkin bout it bro you just flexin. Don’t be about it talk about it, that’s perplexin, you always go to jail but get out like a rat. Give 3 & go free, how many tricks you pullin out of that hat. Yet you say you’re a gangster, naw nigga, ya still a bat. I demand respect when you hear my voice. Like Key & Peele my rhymes are “Noice”, like Dan Marino in Ace Ventura, I’m crazy like laces out & I’ll let y’all know what the fuck I’m all about. When I’m done with this rhyme you won’t have any doubt. I may be in prison tryin to produce a hit, but try sayin I’m an impostor, nigger I’m legit. So don’t put it on if the shoe don’t fit. You MF’ers ain’t for real, but best believe I’m w/ it! My cold rhymes just won’t quit & I’ll be by to fuck your girl in just a little bit. So now are you mother fuckers done talkin shit?

Boondock Saint

By Nina Miller    5/27/2016

Maybe I went a little too hard in the paint, but just like Sean Patrick Flannery I’m a Boondock Saint. Out of Oklahoma, a little town called Pryor, if you’ve got the product best believe I got a buyer. Then I fucked around in Bartlesville, got snitched on then went in for the kill. Took layin low in Tribbey to get my groove back, finally made it S. side & cops had a “Mac Attack”. Now freedom is the nothing to lose that I lack. Ya think it’s easy out here for a girl in the game, doin everything the hard way is my claim to fame. NINA fuckin MILLER, Nigger THAT’S my name. When the going gets tough some females yell rape but I ain’t the MF’n one to hide behind red tape. We all know that you’re lyin when we look in your eyes. Plus everybody knows it ain’t rape if you yell surprise. Now you’re the cause of your own demise, stay the fuck out of the game is what I advise. Won’t even be anyone’s trophy cuz you ain’t no prize, besides somebody thru who you’re w/ is that bullshit I despise. Maybe I went a little too hard in the paint, like SPF I’m a Boondock Saint. Rhymin’ outta prison, a little town called Taft. Say I’d be there 5 yrs ago I woulda laughed. Throwin’ me a lifesaver when I needed a raft. Sittin around snappin Spades, ain’t full off yet & if you play me & Zuni y’all MF’ers is set. Y’all niggers are crankster gangsters, don’t think I’d forget & like my double sided water panties, I ain’t wet.

Triumph Over Adversity, Nigga Ya Varsity

By Nina Miller   2016

Still in CCDC have yet to hit the yard but just like an old attorney that should be disbarred, y’all mother fuckers best believe my hustle game goes hard. If the name of the game were golf I’d of shot under par, I’m in debt for 5 years & I ain’t got very far. I went hard into ice like I was the Titanic, runnin round buyin souls you’d think I’m satanic. But like dope, it’s just a game so please don’t panic. Going hard in the shard in the retard yard was the last frontier like space for Jean Luc Picard. Although I’ll be a criminal til the day that I die I’m gonna try some new shit like not gettin high. The drugs ain’t that good anyway & I’m not Bill Nye. Wantin to run a real business like I ran the street, but doin it all legally is the real fuckin feat. I wish you’d do this shit with me, but I know you ain’t tryin. Like a large cat against a chain link fence, nigga you lion.

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